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The brand image established by advertising can be deeply embedded in people’s minds, helping enterprises and brands to establish a solid business image. As an excellent tool for brand advertising strategies, indoor LED screens can create beautiful visual effects in shopping malls and stores, so as to attract people to gather and stop to watch. YAHAM LED display has been widely used in major indoor business places, and is an excellent choice for commercial advertising, promotion and decoration purposes.

Why Choose Our Solutions?


Patented Heat Dissipation Tech.

YAHAM independently developed graphene thermal conductive materials to improve the heat dissipation performance of switching power supply and box. This technology, which has been approved with 6 invention patents and 4 utility models, can significantly improve the thermal conductivity of the above components and reduce the impact of heat accumulation on parts.

Optimize Processing

The control system uses intra refresh technology to eliminate the delay time of signal transmission and achieve high refresh and can better display fast moving images with a high-speed camera. When the indoor environment is dark, the low gray level brightness control technology corrects the front end of the input video signal to make the display image have clear texture, strong sense of hierarchy, soft brightness, and smooth light dark transition.


According to the energy conversion principle of LED, YAHAM has improved the design of upstream power supply and signal, and adopted a full-color synchronous control system with energy-saving design and PCB circuit design, a low-voltage power supply system reducing the power consumption caused by LED voltage, to achieve an energy-saving effect.

Smart Module

YAHAM added electronic chips at the early stage of product design, so that each module has a globally unique identification ID and a unit that can store correction data. This design can realize box and module level status detection, fault Email alarm, visual operation status monitoring and other functions, guaranteeing output uniformity and brightness consistency of displays.

Communication Network Security

In addition to taking measures in the design of hardware and software to achieve network encryption, YAHAM also designs a DCA system for remote communication and automatically identifies communication data packets. Once the control software can not detect data, or the playback software can not send data to the control software for some reason, the screen will automatically blank to keep the display under control.

Remote Broadcast Control

The screen control system of YAHAM introduces many mature digital technologies, such as database technology, network communication technology, network interconnection technology, information automatic processing technology, interface technology, and multimedia technology, so that the operator can play signals, power supply remote control, remote control, and status remote monitoring of the display system through software