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Taxi LED displays are gaining popularity with advertising as the industry demands something fresh to draw in more attention and along with the explosive growth of public transport. Taxi, an important urban transport vehicle with a large network of routes, is known for its mobility, which receives a wide range of audience and exposures. The combination of LED and Taxi removes the barrier between time and space, enhancing the advertising effect and accelerating the construction of the smart city.

Why Choose Our Solutions?


Cloud-Terminal Integration

We digitalized and integrated the embedded 4G wireless multimedia controller with cloud and IoT server to achieve large-scale remote management of clusters, logs, tracks, etc, within a mobile terminal such as a phone, pad and laptop. This makes user operation simpler and eliminates the barrier between time and space, engaging audiences in precision marketing in a targeted and personalized way

Low Wind Load

We apply the Aerodynamics principle, environmental modeling, data analysis, and material and space usage optimization to develop slim and lightweight cabinet designs with precise structures. With just a 7mm gap between the double-sided modules, the cabinet depth is up to 90% thinner than peers’ (300mm), reducing wind load and having less influence on vehicle load-bearing.

Ultra-High Weatherproof

Complying with the special quality control system, our products are tested hundreds of times to ensure ultra-high weatherproofing, shockproofing and strong resistance to UV, sulphurization and yellowing. IP65 protection guarantees reliable operation in harsh conditions of -30℃ and 60℃, effectively preventing equipment faults, and assuring prompt and accurate public information distribution.

Patented Control Integration

The patented antenna box, with high integration and deeply electronic design, includes GPS, 4G, WIFI, receiving cards and other units, significantly reducing exposure, connection frequency, and electromagnetic interference. The exterior small LCD shows GPS, IP, and temperature, etc, enabling easier operation, real-time intelligent monitoring, to achieve efficient ADS management.

Efficient Energy Saving

We self-developed the taxi-used power supply. The precise power input improves the conversion rate and reduces power consumption by 50% compared to conventional ones. Deep customization based on Aerodynamics and EMC compliance achieves functions such as anti-backflow, anti-overload, etc, to enhance stability while maintaining the sense of design, creating high ROI.