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Bus LED Advertising screen

Bus LED Advertising screen

  • pixel-pitch:P3 ,P4 ,P5
  • cabinet-weight:60kg
  • ingress-protection:IP66
  • brightness:≥4500nits/m²
  • led-lifespan:100000Hrs
  • refresh-rate:3840HZ
  • control-system:Andriod+4G+AP+WiFi+GPS+8GB Flash


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1、Control way is more easy


With GPS function ,it can play advertising in point places. Control way is more easy through 4G / wifi/ Lan port or USB disk ,It can be controlled with computer ,laptop,cellphone .






2、High Ingress Protection


With IP66 High Ingress Protection, It ensures perfect screen performance in the harshest environment and severe weather conditions.





3、High performance display,energy efficient


High brightness,High refresh,High resolution,Low power consumption





4、Easy to install and maintain


The cabinet is made of aluminum material, with the display size of 1920X160, 1600X160, 1280X160, 960X160, 640X160mm. The cabinet is very thin and can be assembled freely, which facilitate the instal-lation and maintenance of the screen.






5、Can play a variety of media information styles


It can play a variety of media resources such as text, photos, animation, video



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Bus LED Advertising screenBus LED Advertising screen

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