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Outdoor advertising, also known as Digital Out of Home, is an important tool for enhancing community benefits, attracting attention, and promoting brands. YAHAM, with its extensive experience in outdoor fields, strong R&D capability and customization in products and systems, has created a mature ecosystem that includes UHD 8K, naked eye 3D, public service announcement, architectural lighting, and integrated cloud and control platform etc, which provide reliable solutions for various scenarios, such as outdoor media, landmarks, commercial complexes etc, resulting in a max Ads effect and win-win situation.

Why Choose Our Solutions?


Ultra High Clarity

We self-developed the unique triple-louver design and specifically customized the superior LEDs for up to 10000nits, bringing impressive image clarity and contrast to videos and messages throughout the streets, in high ambient light and starry nights. Being able to adopt HDR and Rec.2020 gamut standard, it further delivers delicate and colorful images that capture both the eyes and minds.

Patented Heat Dissipation

We self-developed graphene thermal conductive materials to improve the heat dissipation performance of the power supply and cabinet. This technology, which has been approved with 6 invention patents and 4 utility models, significantly increases thermal conductivity by a maximum of up to 33%, ensuring product stability and greatly prolonging the lifespan.

Smart Module

Electronic chips are added early in the product design, so that each module has a globally unique identifying ID and a unit that can store calibration data. This design allows for real-time visual management of status detection such as temperature and voltage of cabinets and modules, alarm notification email etc, leading to precise control and risk prediction for stable performance.

Thinner And Lighter

We apply environmental modeling, material and space usage optimization, CNC processing to develop slim and lightweight aluminum cabinet designs with precise structures that are up to 65% lighter and about 60% thinner than conventional cabinets, resulting in efficient installation and transportation, allowing it to finish the installation of an 1100m² (11840ft²) OOH within several days.

Efficient Energy Saving

For conducting an overall energy-saving performance of up to 15%, we specifically optimized the supplying methods to conduct precise power control to minimize unnecessary consumption wasting, and further adopted a customized control system and PCB with the power-saving feature, which enhances stability and saves a lot in operating expenses.

Patented Seamless Corner

With our patented technology and design, it blends cabinet conjunctions into one continuous display, which eliminates the black edge line, and leaves no image separation. Ranging from 45 to 180 degrees, the corners and curves, which can perfectly fit most building facades, allow for more creative ideas and stunning designs, a bold and smooth visual experience and panoramic exposure.