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Mini-LED is an improved version of traditional LCD and LED display. Mini LEDs work similarly to LEDs but are much smaller, so more of them can be packed into a screen. Mini-LEDs provide much better control of the backlighting and this leads to better image quality. The ability to provide higher contrast ratio, higher brightness, enhanced power efficiency, and less prone to burn-in is facilitating numerous growth opportunities for mini LEDs.

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YAHAM RECIENCE MicroX Technology

Indeed, the X of MicroX technology stands for X-GOB and it is also the protection for the Flip chip LEDs. This technology uses a mini chip to achieve high contrast, high brightness and super efficiency compared to ordinary SMD. Another improvement is the viewing angle, which increases about 30-40%.

As a pioneer of narrow pitch outdoor technology, MicroX is the new invention that is specifically made for outdoor use. Many customers also use it for high brightness indoor, outdoor TV and XR solution.

Better, Stronger And Longer Service Life

X-GOB fully outperformance ordinary GOB technologies, particularly for outdoor usage.
The glue of X GOB, which is designed for a wide range of high-low temperature operations and has been tested in extreme environmental conditions, is used to protect leds against water and humidity. It also can be super robust against impact.

UV is one of the biggest issues of ordinary GOB and will get yellow because of the UV and its own heat emission. Furthermore, the material might crack over time of exposure. XGOB technology is UV proof, it does not get yellow by its own temperatures.

Another extra bonus for X GOB is the protection against acid rain which only harms ordinary GOB technology. This is a key importance for outdoor usage.