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New DOOH Being Lit Up At The Northern Gateway To The Strip

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Big LED displays are common in Las Vegas, but every so often a new one goes up that’s a bit different and interesting-like this new one up at the top end of the strip.

New DOOH Being Lit Up At The NorthernGateway ToThe Strip - yaham

The screen built by Yaham sits on the top of a Walgreens at the intersection of LV Boulevard and Sahara Avenue. It tapers gradually from one end to the other, complemented by a perfectly curved design that respects the corner location, seamlessly blending into the building facade. With an area of 9,624 square feet, it has been one of the largest DOOHs in all of Las Vegas.

Its location serves as the north entrance to the Las Vegas Strip and is near one of the main exits of the I-15 freeway, which will reach 3.8 million people a month. In addition, it faces Las Vegas Festival Grounds, a sought-after venue which can hold more than 80,000 people for some of the city’s biggest music festivals and conventions. Moreover, there are over 15,000 hotel rooms and over 5 million square feet of convention space within walking distance of this premier location. 

New DOOH Being Lit Up At The NorthernGateway ToThe Strip - yaham
3D-anamorphic Animation

The mysterious 3D creature on the screen, dubbed “Artie the Octopus”, has gained traction among many locals with his antics. During the Super Bowl, one of the most-watched annual sporting events, Artie claimed this 9,000 Sq Ft screen as his field and transformed into an agile rugby player. Then he broke through massive digital screen and showcased his skilled and powerful throwing and catching moves to viewers, bringing higher audience engagement and creating impressive game day experience.

Day And Night Effect

The project adopts Yaham S Series Outdoor LED display, which is known for its excellent performance and time-tested reliability in many Yaham’s successful items worldwide. S Series features lightweight, high protection, energy saving, flexible sizes, making it the best choice in DOOH to bring eye-catching visual enjoyment experience and maximize advertising ROI.

We look forward to the aesthetically pleasing screen at the attractive location boosting the commercial potential of this area.

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