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Sports arenas utilizing new-generation intelligence and digitalized technology are quickly growing due to the booming of sports. YAHAM, with its extensive experience in international games like the Olympics, Cricket World Cup and so on, strong R&D capability and customization in products and systems, has created a mature ecosystem that includes tailor-made style design, AV equipment, mechanical structure, lighting, integrated systems etc. to provide an all-encompassing entertainment venue and impressive game day experiences for all fans and spectators.

Why Choose Our Solutions?


Deep Customization

We are able to customize the full package with clients while balancing commercial and aesthetic considerations in order to create a unique style and exclusive label that presents the venue’s culture and spirit and maximizes the commercial value. This includes art and space in the early stage, AV equipment in the middle, and interactive content and effects in the final stage etc.

Patented Seamless Corner

With our patented technology and design, it eliminates the black edge line and leaves no image separation. The special beveled and sharp corners are perfectly tailor-made for any spectacular center-hung system and have created the world’s first 4K dynamic screen. It enables a thrilling, fan-pleasing 360° panoramic visual experience, lightening the atmosphere of the competition.

Lightweight & Aesthetics

As most venues have an iconic history, the screen weighs 18 kg/m² only, which is approx.60% lighter than the typical one, significantly reducing the risks of structural load-bearing and allowing them to present a giant 4K screen in a more efficient, stable and safe way. Wiring-free design made it aesthetically pleasing, fitting in with the surroundings and avoiding obvious industrial characteristics.

Human-Screen Interaction

Being able to integrate innovative technologies such as mechanical multi-directional movement, 4K, VR, AR, motion capture, real-time broadcast etc, we create an unmatchable, high-impact visual and interactive experience for all spectators. The versatile features greatly boost the venue’s recognition and attract more public attention to events, creating max commercial effects.

Safty-Oriented Designs

Fully complying with regulations set out by FIFA, UEFA, FIBA etc, we self-developed the UV-resistant module mask with a soft rubber protective design, to effectively resist glare, and protect players from being injured. The screens include safety gates that serve as emergency evacuation routes and can be activated within seconds by the stewards in the case of an emergency.

Virtual Hybrid Ads

With our self-developed integrated control system and Virtual advertising replacement technology, static or LED perimeter boards can accurately be overlaid with virtual, dynamic messaging during live TV broadcasts. This enables advertisers to engage with local audiences in precision marketing in a targeted and personalized way, making the brand awareness levant to fans from all over the world.