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Sunset Station Unveils Renovated Sportsbook

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Sunset Station opened a renovated sportsbook with a panoramic 152-foot-long LED video wall, marking one of the largest transformations at the hotel-casino since its opening in 1997.

Sunset Station Hotel and Casino

The newly designed STN Sportsbook is an amphitheater space focused on the screen wall, which can play up to 30 feeds at once. Jordan Seager, general manager at the Station Casinos property, said it offers a much broader layout and increased visibility compared to the previous design.

Yaham has provided over 2,000-square-foot LED displays for the updating of the property, creating an amazing viewing experience for guests.

Information Board

The information board wrapping around the oval-shaped bar adopts Yaham S2 Series Indoor LED display, showcasing real-time match insights and score information for popular sports events. The special louvre design with black-faced technology maximizes the LED screen’s visual impact and produces vivid imagery. Meanwhile, it offers flexibility of design and shape to deliver a truly bespoke and inspirational installation, enabling it to be suitable for indoor creativity.

152-foot-long LED Video Wall

The panoramic 152-foot-long LED screen wall employs Yaham M1 Series Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch 2-in-1 High-Definition Display, allowing for multiple event viewing. The 2-in-1 patented lamp bead design has better impact resistance, reducing the broken leds during transportation and installation and maintenance cost. With common cathode drive design, it consumes power 30% less than that of ordinary LED display on the condition of same brightness, making it ideal for 24/7 operating.

Renowned for its reliable quality, Yaham has delivered innovative LED solutions for prestigious projects worldwide. Trusted by clients worldwide, Yaham continues to surpass customer expectations with its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and delivering exceptional LED solutions.

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