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Caesars Palace,

Las Vegas

Unleashing the Power of Customization: The Caesars Palace
Arc Wave LED Display Boosting Commercial Value

Nestled along the illustrious Las Vegas Boulevard,
between the iconic Bellagio and Mirage, stands the
Caesars Palace — an iconic symbol of luxury and
entertainment. In 2016, Yaham embarked on an
extraordinary project, meticulously designing and
crafting the Caesars Palace Arc Wave LED Display to
enhance its grandeur. This bespoke display showcases
our unrivaled customization ability and amplifies the
commercial value of this landmark.

Their goal was to construct a remarkable LED display
in Roman style at the Caesars Palace, amplifying the
grandeur of this esteemed landmark and unleashing
commercial brilliance. This unique and intricately
designed structure posed a significant challenge,
testing our capabilities in customization and
craftsmanship while ensuring impeccable
display quality.

Spanning an area of 6,600 sq.ft, this three-dimensional display, constructed with a combination of flat,
curved, and irregular surfaces, is a stunning
amalgamation of design elements. Its unique design
features flat screens in the middle, flanked
by cylindrical columns on both sides, and topped
with creatively shaped surfaces reminiscent of
a roof. The project covers an area of 600 square
meters and showcases a rectangular body with
Roman column-inspired sides, creating a visually
captivating installation.

This project involved integrating seamless corner, curved, and standard parts with varying diameters. To bring the customer’s design to life, we expertly customized 16 different cabinets and assembled 13,538 modules, forming a rectangular body with Roman column-inspired sides and elegantly curved surfaces at the top. Our patented seamless corner design ensured flawless integration between the flat and cylindrical elements.The main challenge arose at the column’s top, and we adopted seamless integration to guarantee high IP65 waterproofing and simplified installation and maintenance.

Operating flawlessly for over 7 years, the LED display has exceeded expectations in terms of reliability and performance. Despite the inevitable aging of individual LEDs over time, our client’s satisfaction speaks volumes about the unparalleled reliability of our product.
Having surpassed the original 5-year warranty period,
this project serves as a proud milestone, showcasing our dedication to delivering exceptional performance that stands the test of time.