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Yaham Awarded As Shenzhen Well-known Brand

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Yaham was honored with “Shenzhen Well-known Brand” and “The Greater Bay Area Well-known Brand” during the eighth Shenzhen Brand Week, which opened Last Thursday at the Shenzhen Media Group Building, on the eve of China Brand Day.

“Shenzhen Well-known Brand” (Left)
“The Greater Bay Area Well-known Brand” (Right)

According to statistics, the activity of “Shenzhen Well-known Brand” recognition has been held for 21 sessions, resulting in 1074 Shenzhen Well-Known Brands. These titles are granted to the most extraordinary companies in various industries. Despite only accounting for 0.04% of the local businesses, they play an important role in the development of the city, while their contributions of total sales, tax revenue and exports are 49.73%, 41.67%, and 36.69% respectively. Yaham takes pride in being among them, engaging in the shenzhen’s even Chinese brand building and establishing “Yaham” as a popular, reputable and influential brand in the world.

The 8th Shenzhen Brand Week Event

These two prestigious accolades are a recognition of Yaham’s first-class competitiveness, reliable and sustained innovation, influential brand-building and advanced quality management, making Yaham stand out from the market.

Yaham Gained Two Accolades

Over 22 years of steady development, Yaham has established a strong presence and redefined the advertising landscape with its 20,000 cases across over 120 countries and regions. We continue to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving LED display industry, creating captivating visuals and great value by fabricating unique and stunning signs.

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