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Yaham Creates Over 160,000 Square Feet Of Large Screens For Las Vegas Hotel

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Resorts World Las Vegas(Resorts World), the most expensive resort property ever developed in Las Vegas, debuted on June 24th, 2021.

Yaham has provided over 160,000 square feet of LED displays for this $4.3 billion property, covering almost a quarter of its hotel buildings’ perimeter.

One Of The Largest Screens In The World

Overall View

At Resorts World, Yaham created a 100,000-square-foot giant LED screen, one of the largest LED screens in the world, delivering immersive content and eye-catching visual effects for your event, company, or product launch while enhancing exposure online and offline and advertising ROI.

Reasons For Choosing Yaham


At the beginning, in order to take the first screen project, our project team flew to Las Vegas for a field trip. Then we analyzed the whole project in depth and presented our customized solution to the hotel management. The scheme was finalized only after 73 drawing improvements.

Due to the professional and efficient service provided in the first screen project, Yaham gained recognition from the hotel management executives, leading to the handover of our subsequent projects. When people go to Resorts World, they can see the screens echoing each other on the hotels’ facades.

Project Details

Manufacturing Process

With a total area of over 160,000 square feet, the project features a 100,000-square-foot giant LED screen on the cherry-red tower, which has been a unmissable spectacular attraction in Las Vegas.

The screen uses high-brightness lamp beads, while its transparency is as high as 80%, enabling it to accomplish perfect colour rendering without blocking light and ventilation of the building’s facade. Moreover, Yaham adopts lightweight cabinets (the weight within 20kg/㎡) to ensure safety and facilitate installation. Instead of pursuing lightness and compactness, Yaham’s power supply uses custom-made batteries, which better guarantee the screen’s long-term stable operation. Yaham’s final solution takes into account of all aspects, demonstrating its comprehensive strength in handling large-scale international projects.

Serving As A LED Capsule In The Glow Show

Glow Show

These screens are honored to play an important role in the Glow Show, a one-of-a-kind video content and multimedia exposition only at Resorts World. Serving as a LED capsule, they bring the audience to extraordinary destinations including a bioluminescent ocean, a synth-wave cityscape, a shimmering emerald jungle and the illuminating cosmos, creating an immersive and impressive experience for the audience.

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